Alpacas are members of the camelid family and are known for their luxurious fleece.  There are two types of Alpacas: Huacaya and Suri.  Suri fiber grows quite long and forms silky, pencil like locks.  The Huacaya fiber is shorter, dense, crimpy fleece, giving it a very whooly appearance. 

The average height of an alpaca is 36” and they weigh between 100-150 lbs.  Alpacas have a life span of 15 to 20 years.  A baby alpaca is called a cria, and stays with their mother for approximately 6 months.

Alpacas have soft padded feet, making them gentle on their pastures.  Alpacas are small and gentle enough to travel short distances in the family minivan and are easily handled by most people. 

Lynn Brooke Farm is a member of the following alpaca associations:
ARI is the largest alpaca pedigree registry in the world. The ARI database and methodology are some of the most sophisticated and accurate of any livestock industry anywhere in the world. AOBA is a non-profit alpaca owners and breeders association with resources and services for members that include an alpaca industry enthusiast information site.

A natural fiber, local food event in Lexington, KY.

Kentucky Alpaca Association Member FarmsThe Kentucky Alpaca Association offers a great opportunity for Alpaca breeders to  share and learn from one another.
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